All outdoor poured-in-place surfaces should be sealed and protected with an acrylic coating simply because all urethane binders degrade when exposed to sunlight.  Our Acrylic Technology stops that deterioration.

The Acrylic Liquid Rubber penetrates into the pores and fills the surface voids, creating a solid rubber cap.  Since the finished surface is not porous, water is easily directed to the perimeter of the play area and/or to drains that can be installed under play system decks.  Click here for a Drain Photo.  Plus Playground Pavement resists the mold and fungus problems that thrive in porous products. 

Another advantage to Playground Pavement is that weak seams are virtually eliminated.  We simply overlap the underlayment very thinly.  Then apply an extra amount of the penetrating Top-Coat to bind the overlapping layers together.  See the depiction below: