We install all types of rubber surfacing for playgrounds:  EPDM, Bonded-Rubber, Syberflex, and Playground Pavement.

Playground Pavement is the state of the art poured-in-place safety surface.  Only the most advanced technology and the highest quality components are used to create a product that can last 20 years.

BUYER BEWARE:  In this industry it is usually an expensive mistake to hire the lowest bidder.  Using inferior technology and/or components can result in a system that fails in as little a 2 years.

A UV Protective Top-Coat is highly recommended.  If your system is not protected with an Acrylic Top-Coat, it's overall life will be reduced.

Only the highest quality Binders will do.  Cheap binders make for lower bids and quick profits but they always result in premature failure and usually complete system replacement.

Playground Pavement can be installed over Rubber Gravel (as depicted below) to create the world's safest playground surface, or it can be installed the traditional way (like EPDM), over concrete or crushed rock without a rubber gravel base.